Barcelona-based photographer working for Language of Strangers

Directed Mireia Farran
Starring: Blanca Valletbó, Benjamin Frayce
Dop: Anna Pla-Narbona
Produced by Mireia Farran
Production Assist: Maya Kendalls
Costume designer: Néstor Reina
Hair and makeup: Cristina Casanovas & Sandra Tosca
Art direction: Pitu Fernandez
Art Assist: Mabel Del Río
Edit: Mireia Farran
Color Grade: Anna Pla & Mireia Farran
Sound Post Production: @ch_pinewood
Female off voice: Aleka Gehrels~Singh
Male off voice: Rémi Fa
Making off: Laia Rafols
Graphic design: Anna Roura
Special thanks: Esdm Danza, Oliana house & Lynna Hdl.

She collaborates with brands such as Metal Magazine,
Vogue Magazine, Fucking Young, Conde Nast Traveler, Vein, Mango, Ecoalf,  The new Society